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Liberty Academy Program

The Academy program is the intermediate league between our recreational and select programs.  The players register to an age group pool of players, unlike traditional team rosters, making up at least two teams for each gender.  Players move freely from team to team, not frozen to one team per season.  The emphasis of the Academy program is not winning games and development, but the individual development of each player.

We  have Academy teams for boys and girls born in 2013 to 2009 in the 8U to 12U age groups.  Players practice twice per week and play home and away schedule.  The games are scheduled on Saturdays  and some Sundays.  Players may be able to play in two games each day.  The 8U, 9U and 10U will play 7 v 7  and the 11U and 12U will play 9 v 9.  Players are committing to play for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 seasons.

At Liberty Soccer Club, our method of developing players begins at the grass roots level and continues through the highest levels of play within our programs. While we strive to develop each player’s soccer potential at the pace of the player, we attempt to help instill the moral values of life into the game of soccer. It is our challenge and responsibility to create an environment in which players can reach their full soccer experience that is necessary to be successful both on and off the soccer field.

Additional Fees:

  • Tournament fees: including the coach’s expenses are paid separately. These fees are split equally among the families.  Tournament fees must be paid even if your player is not participating in the tournament.


  • Uniforms:  Liberty Soccer Club wears JOMA uniforms. This Fall season will be the start of the new 2020-2022 uniform kit.  The uniforms are good through the Spring 2022 season.  The full kit includes Home and Away jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, and 1 training jersey.  Training pants, jackets and backpack can be purchased separately



The main goals of our player development philosophy are to: 

  • Create a soccer atmosphere that is both age and ability appropriate.

  • Develop individual players who are comfortable 

    • receiving and releasing the ball,

    • attacking and defending in 1 v 1 situations

    • making creative decisions.

  •  Build team players who collectively can understand the basic tactics and their relationship with their team mates, from 3v3 to 11v11.

  • Improve the fitness level and the desire to compete.

  • Provide an environment where learning is fun and expected.

  • Convey to our players that more learning creates more fun!

By doing so, we accomplish several goals: We help them gain tools that they can use to further unlock the game. The more tools and the more of the game they can unlock, the more enjoyable the game becomes. The more enjoyable the game becomes, the more they engage in the learning process and the more competent they become, and so on.