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Striker/Keeper Camp

 Striker/Keeper SOCCER CAMP - July 25 - 29

We offer quality soccer day camps that are local and affordable.
Our staff include US Soccer Instructors, College Coaches, ODP and Regional Coaches, Academy Directors and College Players. .

STRIKER/KEEPER CAMP :      5 Night Camp at Bluesprings Soccer Park     6:00-8:30pm

This camp is NOT for beginners.  Players will receive high level training and assessments.  Each player will receive a written evaluation of their skills and abilities at the end of camp. Strikers and Keepers will come together to work on the skills they learned in their sessions


Is all about SCORING GOALS!  Goals can come from any position on the field.  The ability to finish, regardless of position, is soccer's most sought after skill.  Emphasis will be placed on technical preparation and application to tactical situations. 
On the first day each player will be evaluated on shooting technique using the new Adidas miCoach Smart Ball to capture speed, spin and flight. Players will also be evaluated by slow motion video analysis.


Keepers will be put through a competitive training program designed to STOP GOALS! And then start the attack! The responsibility of the Goalkeeper is more than just standing between the posts.  Keepers must prevent goal scoring chances inside and outside the penalty area and begin the attack for their team. 

For Select & Academy level players ages 8 & up

 $115. Includes Camp Shirt



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