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BYSA U10 Spring 2024

Week 5

Practice Plan and Objectives

  1. Prepare for Game on Saturday- kick-offs, throw-ins, goal-kicks, and corner kicks

    1. Positions and rotating Goalkeepers

    2. FUNdamental Skills for the Game

      1. With the Ball

        1. Dribbling- find green grass (open space without traffic/defenders)

        2. Passing- find a teammate in open space

      2. Ball Control

        1. Reinforce turns and parts of the foot

        2. BUZZ PHRASES: Cushion the Ball and “Make Space for the Ball”

        3. BUZZ QUESTION: How can you make space?

          1. With the ball?

            1. Control away from pressure/defender

          2. Without the ball?

            1. Move into space before I receive the ball from teammate

      3. Passing and 2v1s

        1. Passing to Open Team Mate 

        2. Passing from Goal Kicks

          1. Build Out Line

Practice - 60 to 75 minutes

  1. First 40-50 Minutes: Full Session of All Round Passing and Receiving

    1. BUZZ PHRASES: “Cushion the Ball” and “Make Space for the Ball”


  1. Last 20-25 Minutes- Play the Game! 

  1. 5v5 to 6v6, depending on the number of children at practice

    1. Okay to have uneven numbers, like 5v6 or 6v7, etc. 

    2. Use big goal if possible and rotate players to try out Goalkeeper position

    3. When the ball is out of play, teach throw-ins, goal-kicks, corner-kicks

  2. Cushion the Ball and Make Space for the Ball