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BYSA U15 & JR League Spring 2024

Week 5

Practice Plan and Objectives

  1. Prepare for Game on Saturday- kick-offs, throw-ins, goal-kicks, and corner kicks

    1. FUNdamental Skills for the Game

      • With the Ball

        1. Dribbling- find open space

          • Buzz Question: “Can you get behind the defender?”

          • Take them on 1v1

        2. Passing- find a teammate in open space

          • Buzz Question: “Can you beat a defender with a pass?”

      • Ball Control

        1. Reinforce turns and parts of the foot

        2. BUZZ PHRASES: Control away from defender and Control to space

        3. BUZZ QUESTION: How can you make space?

          • With the ball?

            1. Control away from pressure/defender

          • Without the ball?

            1. Move into space before I receive the ball from teammate

      • Passing and 2v1s

        1. Passing to Open Team Mate 

        2. Passing from Goal Kicks

Practice - 75-90 minutes

  1. 45-50 Minutes - Full Session of Moving Into Space with Ball

    1. Set up more than one of each activity if needed for your numbers

      • Ex. 2 or 3 grids for 5v3 and 4v4 activities if needed


  1. 20-25 Minutes- Play the Game! 

  1. 6v6 to 7v7, depending on the number of children at practice

    • Okay to have uneven numbers, like 5v6 or 6v7, etc. 

    • Use big goal if possible and rotate players to try out Goalkeeper position

    • When the ball is out of play, teach throw-ins, goal-kicks, corner-kicks