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BYSA U8 Spring 2024

Week 6

Weeks 6/7 Practice Plan and Objectives:

  1. FUNdamental Skills for the Game

    1. With the Ball

      1. Team Shape: Create Width and Depth so we can create passing options

      2. Passing- find a teammate in open space, maintain possession

        1. Buzz Question: “Can you beat a defender with a pass?”

        2. If not: “Can we keep the ball?”


  1. Keep the ball

  2. Heels to sideline (to create width)


  1. “How can we keep the ball?”

  2. “Can we go forward?”

    1. If not, “Can we go wide? Or find the middle?”

    2. If not, “Can we go back? Play drop pass?”

Practice: 60-70 minutes

  1. Full Practice Plan of Pass Like You Mean It Full Session

    1. This complete practice includes warm up and practice activities 

    2. Works on passing and receiving the ball 

    3. Works on finding the open space with and without the ball




  1. Last 10-15 Minutes- Play the Game! 

    1. 4v4 to 5v5, depending on the number of children at practice

      1. Okay to have uneven numbers, like 5v4

      2. Practice Kick-offs and let each child have a turn taking the kick-off

    2. Coach the players with the ball on passing

    3. Coach the players without the ball on creating space

Reinforce Keep the ball and Heels to sideline