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BYSA U13 Spring 2024

Week 3

Practice Plan and Objectives

  1. FUNdamental Skills 

    1. 75% of Coaching Focus is on ATTACKING Principles

      1. Dribbling 

        1. Laces (top of the foot)- push the ball forward and run

        2. Sole (bottom of the foot)- rolling the ball in either direction

        3. Inside of Foot and Outside of Foot (little toe)

      2. Ball Control

        1. Inside of Foot and Outside of Foot- turning the ball

        2. Sole (bottom of the foot)- stopping the ball

      3. Shooting and Passing

        1. Laces

        2. Inside of Foot- more for placement shooting while running and for passing over a distance

        3. Outside of Foot (little toe) to pass while running 

Practice - 60 to 75 minutes

  1. 15 Minutes- Warm Up 1v1 to 3v3

    1. Reinforce parts of the foot for dribbling, passing, and shooting

    2. Beat the opponent 1v1

    3. Find open teammate to pass if can’t beat defender


  1. 10-15 Minutes- Magic Number 

    1. Reinforce Parts of the Foot

      1. Laces to dribble quickly to space and finishing

      2. Inside, Outside, and Sole to turn and cut

  2. 10-15 Minutes- Over the Border

    1. Focus on Passing

    2. Passing with inside of foot, little toe, laces

    3. Find the open space


  1. 20-25 Minutes- Play the Game! 

  1. 6v6 to 7v7, depending on the number of children at practice

    1. Okay to have uneven numbers, like 5v6 or 6v7, etc. 

    2. Use big goal if possible and rotate players to try out Goalkeeper position

    3. When the ball is out of play, teach throw-ins, goal-kicks, corner-kicks

  2. Coach the players with the ball on dribbling, turning, and shooting

    1. Reinforce the sole and inside of the foot to control the ball and stop the ball before it goes out of bounds.

    2. Laces to dribble into space