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BYSA U6 Spring 2024

Week 5

Practice Plan and Objectives:

  1. FUNdamental Skills for the Game

    1. Dribbling- find green grass (open space without traffic/defenders)

      1. Laces- push the ball forward and run

      2. Sole- rolling the ball in either direction 

    2. Ball Control

      1. Inside of Foot- turning the ball

      2. Sole- stopping the ball before it goes OUT OF BOUNDS

Practice - 45 to 60 minutes

  1. 5-10 Minutes- Warm Up with Tiger Tails for Camp

    1. Play the game as is for 1-2 rounds

    2. Play again for another 1-2 rounds but have each player with their soccer ball this time and dribbling/controlling their ball while trying to get the Tiger Tails.


  1. 10-12 Minutes- Zombie Attack for Camp

    1. Use parents as the Zombies- if Zombie touches the soccer ball, player does 5 toe-taps and then can rejoin the game.

    2. Play a couple rounds where players can rejoin, then play a couple rounds where if their soccer ball gets touched, they become a Zombie too!

    3. Reinforce the different turns and parts of the foot 

    4. Dribble fast to get away from the defender!


  1. 10-12 Minutes- Red Light, Green Light but with Game Twist!

    1. Every player with a ball and Coach Calls out:

      1. Green Light = “NEW BALL!” Dribble fast with Laces

      2. Yellow Light = Dribble slow with Inside of feet

      3. Red Light = “FREEZE!” Stop the ball with Sole


  1. 10-12 Minutes- Play the Game! 

    1. Remember to ROLL the ball on the ground for NEW BALL

      1. Roll the ball to players that haven’t touched the ball much and encourage them to stop the ball when it comes to them.

      2. Roll the ball into space if all of the players are bunching up in one area.

    2. Coach the players with the ball on dribbling, turning, and stopping the ball 

    3. Celebrate after any goal is scored!!