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BYSA U13 Spring 2024

Week 6

  1. FUNdamental Skills for the Game

    1. With the Ball

      1. Team Shape: Create Width and Depth so we can create passing options

      2. Passing- find a teammate in open space, maintain possession

        1. Buzz Questions:

        2. “Can you beat a defender with a pass?”

        3. If not: “Can we keep the ball?”


Keep the ball, Play it back/Drop pass, Heels to sideline (to create width)


“How can we keep the ball?”

“Can we go forward?”

    1. If not, “Can we go wide? Or find the middle?”

    2. If not, “Can we go back? Play drop pass?”

Practice - 75-90 minutes


  1. 45-50 Minutes - Full Session of Dealing with Pressure Full Session

    1. Set up more than one of each activity if needed for your numbers

      1. Ex. 2 or 3 grids for 3v1 and small-sided activities if needed

  2. 20-25 Minutes- Play the Game! 

    1. 6v6 to 7v7, depending on the number of children at practice

      1. Okay to have uneven numbers, like 5v6 or 6v7, etc. 

      2. Use big goal if possible and rotate players to try out Goalkeeper position

      3. When the ball is out of play, teach throw-ins, goal-kicks, corner-kicks